With the Cicret Bracelet your skin is now your new touchscreen. You can can read emails, play your favorite games, answer your calls, check the weather, just like you would do on a cellphone or tablet.

So how does the Cicret bracelet work?

Well, like something straight out of a Star Trek episode, the Cicret Bracelet beams the phone’s content onto the user’s arm using a the tiny pico-projector. The Cicret then uses 8 long-range proximity sensors which allow the user to interact with the content being displayed on their skin.







The Cicret bracelet has all the specs required to run Android OS and other Android-compatible apps. plus the following features:

  • A processor
  • An embedded memory card
  • Vibration
  • Accelerometer
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • USB port
  • Wi-Fi

Check out the video below and see whether or not you want to wear this next wave of mobile technological advancement.

A Tablet on Your Skin? Say Hello to the Cicret Bracelet