AT&T customers can now talk, text and use data while in Cuba as the company continues to expand their premier international network and global coverage.

When you travel to Cuba, you can call, text or surf on your same phone and number that you use while you’re at home.

“We know our customers want uninterrupted connectivity and a continuous mobile experience. This is especially true as more visit Cuba,” said Bill Hague, executive vice president, AT&T Global Connection Management. “Extending service to our customers while they are in Cuba further solidifies our position as having the best global coverage of any U.S wireless provider.”


There is nothing to add or change with your plan. Just talk, text, and use data with your own phone and number.

Rates: Calls are $3 per minute. Messages are 50 cents for text, $1.30 for pictures and videos. Data is $2.05 per megabyte.
For more info on Cuba roaming, click here.