Avon Femme Review

From the very first day of trying Avon Femme, I fell in love with this fragrance. Avon Femme has this fresh, yet romantic scent that’s inspired by sparkling faceted florals and classic feminine notes and lasts a pretty long time throughout the day.

Avon Femme states that it allows every woman the chance to be the star in their own life; well from the first day of using Femme, I noticed that I did get more attention on my commute back and forth from work on the train. 

One day as I was exiting the train station on my way towards work and was stopped by a gentleman who said that I looked good and once he caught a whiff of my scent, he said that I smelled good as well and was totally enchanted by me.  I thanked him for his compliments and kept it going, but walked away with a smile on my face as this was the first time that a stranger had complimented me on the fragrance that I was wearing.

Avon Femme is a glamorous and sophisticated scent that evokes freshness and will linger all day long. This perfume would make a great gift for Christmas or birthday as it is sure to please whomever you gift it to!


For my perfume afficionados here is a breakdown of Femme’s Notes:

Bright and opulent florals are contrasted with delectable fruits and warm sensual woods. This fragrance opens with a blend of sparkling Pink Grapefruit , Luscious Pear and Jasmine Petals. The heart reveals a glamorous bouquet of Magnolia, Gardenia, and Waterlilly while you are left with a lingering combination of Amberwoods, Soft Peach Skin and precious Musks for a long lasting signature scent.