energizerOn the heels of launching Energizer  EcoAdvanced batteries, the first-ever AA batteries made with 4 percent recycled battery material, Energizer Holdings, Inc. [NYSE:  ENR] introduced today another world’s first with its rechargeable AA and AAA batteries made with recycled batteries. Energizer Recharge batteries are made with 4 percent recycled battery material, provide consumers with long-lasting power that can be recharged hundreds of times, and reduce the impact on the planet.

Energizer Recharge is another step forward in our vision that all Energizer batteries contain some amount of recycled battery materials,” said Michelle Atkinson, Energizer Chief Consumer Officer. “Our scientists partnered with rechargeable suppliers to build on the knowledge and experience from Energizer EcoAdvancedand identified a process to use recycled content in our rechargeable batteries without sacrificing performance, an idea previously not thought possible by industry experts.”

Energizer scientists worked with exclusive partners to discover a way to recycle the used batteries from high-efficiency vehicles by refining the material through a proprietary process. The refined, high-performance active ingredient is then used to help power Energizer Recharge. In addition to being the world’s first rechargeable batteries made with 4 percent recycled battery material, Energizer Recharge also creates a world’s first use of recycled materials from hybrid vehicle batteries to make new AA and AAA batteries.

Energizer rechargeable batteries have always been a great option for consumers looking to conserve resources and prevent waste. Energizer Recharge has less environmental impact by reducing the amount of batteries consumers need to use to power their devices and by requiring less mining of virgin material in the manufacturing process.

“Consumers have expanded their definition of battery performance to more than just long lasting. They also want a responsible product,” added Atkinson. “Energizer Recharge is the latest example of how we innovate with the consumer in-mind, building on our breakthrough Energizer EcoAdvanced battery.”

Consumers are responding favorably to how Energizer is bringing products to market. Energizer EcoAdvancedwas named Product of the Year‘s first-ever Sustainability winner in the U.S. for 2016. Award recipients are chosen by more than 40,000 consumers in a survey conducted by research firm TNS. Energizer EcoAdvancedalso received the same accolade in the United Kingdom, being named the Product of the Year in the Technology & Accessories category.

Energizer batteries made with 4 percent recycled batteries are another “first” in a long line of innovative breakthroughs from Energizer in the battery category. Energizer introduced the world’s first AA lithium battery,Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ batteries, the world’s first dry cell battery, and the world’s first watch battery.Energizer was also the first to remove mercury from alkaline and hearing aid batteries, and the first to create child-resistant packaging to mitigate coin cell ingestion by children, along with an awareness campaign.

Energizer Recharge is one of several technology enhancements Energizer is making in 2016 to strengthen its leadership in batteries across its portfolio. Improved Energizer MAX® batteries now last up to 30 percent longer than previous Energizer MAX® AA batteries in digital cameras – and still protect devices from damaging leaks for up to two years after the battery is fully used. The company also made improvements to  Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™, which is now the world’s highest energy and world’s longest-lasting AA battery, holding energy up to 20 years in storage.

Energizer Introduces World’s First AA and AAA Rechargeable Batteries Made with Recycled Batteries