How to Make Beef Empanadas Recipe [Episode 212]

Empanadas are a Latin America lunch favorites. Usually the empanada is fried, but I am baking them without compromising the flavor.

Ingredients for 12 Beef Empanadas:

For the dough ingredients:
4 cups or 644g unbleached all-purpose flour (reserve 1-cup for kneading)
½ cup or 125mL cold vodka (optional; use water if not using vodka)
½ cup or 125mL cold water
2 tablespoon or 13g salt
1 tablespoon or 14g sugar
12 tablespoons or 169g (1-1/2 sticks) chilled unsalted butter
Olive Oil (for brushing)

Filling Ingredients
1 pound or 457g lean ground beef (85% to 93% lean)
1 pound or 457g Italian Sausage (optional)
1 large diced onion
1 slice white sandwich bread cut in pieces
2 tablespoons or 30mL (for the panade) + ½ cup or 125mL (for filling) chicken broth
2 hard cooked eggs cut in small pieces (optional)
4 mashed garlic cloves
4 teaspoons or 60mL cider vinegar
1 tablespoon or 15mL Olive Oil
Sal & Pepper
1 teaspoon or 2g cumin
½ cubanelle pepper (optional)
1 cup or 28g chopped fresh cilantro

Other optional ingredients for filling:
Cayenne pepper
Cooked potatoes cut in small square pieces

Bake at 400ºF or 205ºC for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.


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