If you have curly hair like I do, then you know how much work it can be to transform your curls into straight strands; and while I do love my natural hair I also love to have my hair straight at times as I tend to get less knots when my hair is styled straight. I do, however, hate the process of getting my hair straight as it always has taken a lot of work and time to get it straightened, that was until my friend Rocio introduced me to the John Frieda Frizz Ease products. It was love at first wash as I literally found myself in awe of this product line as it not only helps you straighten your curly locks easier, but softens the texture of your hair during the shampooing and conditioning process alone.

I normally hate shampooing my hair as I know that the ingredients in shampoos have an inevitable tightening effect on my curls, making detangling a real bitch at times.  This ultimately leaves me seeking refuge for my tangled curls in the conditioner bottle and I end up using a lot more conditioner than normally recommended.  The aftermath of shampooing has always left me feeling defeated as I knew that I needed the shampoo to get my hair nice and clean, but I also knew that the battle for transforming my curly locks into straight locks had just started its downhill and tiring decline from there as I spent at least 10-15 minutes fighting to undo the damage that the shampoo just did.

That was my plight when washing my hair in the past, that is until I started to use John Frieda Frizz Ease products at home.  I now no longer fear shampoo as the John Frieda Frizz Ease product line doesn’t tighten my curls up or leaves my hair feeling like plastic, plus the conditioner is a great partner to the shampoo as it softens your hair follicle without the need of a deep conditioner.  I can now use a regular amount of conditioner and take out the knots without having to lose a lot of hair or causing split ends in the process.  Plus, my hair follicle is literally transformed to such a soft texture that I sometimes find myself passing my fingers through my hair once out the shower as I just love how soft it feels .

Below is the process of how I soften and straightened my hair at home with John Frieda:

  • Shampoo hair using John Freida Frizz Ease Shampoo.
  • Rinse out shampoo and follow up with John Frieda Frizz Ease Conditioner. I like to leave this on for at least 10 minutes and focus on exfoliating my body while the time passes.
  • Detangle hair, rinse out conditioner and towel dry.
  • Apply John Frieda Nourishing Oil Elixir with Argan Oil and Extra Strength Six Effects Serum to hair and let it air dry. 
  • Blow out hair in about 10-15 minutes. Since it is already air dried, blow drying time is less than half of the time that it normally would take if your hair was just towel dried. If you don’t want it completely dry just let it get to a point of where you feel comfortable in the level of dryness and blow dry your hair having just a small amount of dampness as the less time you spend under the blow dryer the better it is for your hair follicle.
  • Apply Nourishing Oil Elixir with Argan Oil and Extra Strength Six Effects Serum.
  • Now at this point I normally have a nice straight look, but do like to use the Use John Frieda Sleek Finish 1 inch Ionic Flat Iron if I want to get my hair to have a more sleek finish. I will warn you that this flat iron does get hot fast, so please always be aware of the sides of the Ionic plates and if you have kids like I do, you have to be careful that they don’t mess with this when you put it on.
  • My sleek look is good to go at this point, but if it’s humid outside, I will also use the John Frieda Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray as it helps to repeal the humidity in the air. This hairspray is great, but a lot goes a long way, so don’t go spray crazy like they normally do in the salon.

I love the fact that John Frieda products allow me to finally have the ability to straighten my hair in the comfort of my home; while avoiding not just a lot of time and effort towards doing so, but a hefty salon bill as well.  As a mother, I don’t have 6 hours to spend at the salon and always feel like there is an imaginary timer appearing on top of my head once I leave the salon. Between the weather, cooking and the rest of my daily life activities my hair eventually starts to frizz up again, Saturday Night Live style and I don’t look like I’m ready to head out to a party either. I then would find myself in front of the mirror with an arsenal of hair products and devices trying to duplicate what the salon just did a couple of days before, but never could get my hair that soft and straight again and ultimately felt defeated as I looked back at the frizzy mess reflection of my hair.

By investing in John Frieda Frizz Ease products you invest in yourself and save time and money in the long run as they have last me well over 7 months now and are still going strong as I like to alternate between curly hair and straight hair. I definitely recommend John Frida Frizz Ease products if you have curly, frizzy and dry hair that you want to straightened without having to use a relaxer or depend on a salon.  You can check out the John Frieda website here or feel free to click on the links that I provided for each product that I used above as well. 



The photos above were taken after I straightened my curly hair using John Frieda Frizz Ease products; my eyes were closed in both shots as I was showing off the eyeshadow color for another review and decided to use them for this review as well. The photo below is from a modeling shoot that I thought would work great to show the regular texture of my curly my hair.

Makeup Shot