JOY Star Edgar Ramirez’s View on Feminism


Born in the city of San Cristobal, Venezuela, actor Edgar Ramirez will be portraying Tony Miranne in the film Joy which hit theaters on December 25, 2015.  Joy is an upcoming American biographic comedy-drama film which was written and directed by David O. Russell and is starring Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper as well.  The film is about Joy Mangano (Jennifer Lawrence) a struggling single mother of two children, who invented the Miracle Mop Facing and faces betrayal, treachery, the loss of innocence and the scars of love throughout her journey to build a business dynasty.

Edgar told HuffPost Live the following about his role playing Tony and his support of Joy “For me, to play a man who’s able and willing and who feels comfortable in supporting, in standing by and celebrating the strength and determination of the woman he loves and the mother of his children, was a trip for me.”

“Feminism is nothing but equality, and actually, feminism benefits men because it liberates us and it releases us from many stigmas imposed by the macho culture on us as well,” ….“So if more of us could understand that it’s nothing but equality, I think many agendas in terms of equality would have advanced quicker.”

You can check out the trailer for JOY below: