Justin Bieber has had to cancel his limited VIP packages which gave fans the opportunity to mingle and take photos with the Purpose singer due to the increased fatigue that he has endured after having his meet and greet sessions with his fans.  “I enjoy meeting such incredible people but I end up feeling so drained and filled with so much of other people’s spiritual energy that I end up so drained and unhappy,” Bieber said on Instagram .  This decision in my opinion was necessary for Justin’s health.  When it comes to energy, I feel that some of us tend to pick up on energy from one another more easily, almost like an empath. This can sometimes be a good thing as empaths are more intuitive within their surroundings.  However, this intuitiveness can also be a bad thing at times as you can end up feeling drained as Justin mentioned or feeling suffocated or sad and not understanding how you ended up feeling this way all of a sudden.

“(I) want to make people smile and happy but not at my expense. I always leave feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression. The pressure of meeting people’s expectations of what I’m supposed to be is so much for me to handle and a lot on my shoulders.” stated Bieber.  As a mother, I wouldn’t want my kids to feel this way and feel that at the end of the day his team really shouldn’t care about the extra money as his health is all that matters.  While Justin does mention that he feels a lot of pressure to meet people’s expectations, I hope he realizes that his fans don’t expect him to be perfect – even when the media unfortunately does.  While Justin has had some hiccups in the past, I do feel that the media has been harsh on Justin at times; where they have constantly and repeatedly oversaturated the news with information about him, in an attempt to fill up their broadcast hour and get hits on their websites.  

I never personally bother to go along with the crucifying bandwagon that the media has jumped on for Justin Bieber and other celebrities in the past; because ultimately no one is perfect.  Regular people mess up all the time, but we don’t have the whole world all up in our Kool-Aid to witness these mishaps; so when we trip, don’t wear makeup, get sad or depressed, gain some weight, or go and throw a bitch fit, we get the privacy and time that we need to work on ourselves. So while celebrities’ lives may be with filled with many luxuries, they don’t have the luxury of privacy and time and many of them end up feeling that they have to be perfect 24/7 – when no one – not even the journalist or broadcaster that is doing the massacring of the celebrity’s image will ever be perfect.

For fans that have already purchased VIP tickets, Bkstg, the company behind the VIP packages, said they will issue refunds and offering a different package, that will still allow fans to take photos/video of Justin Bieber at a hospitality lounge.  The company also explained that the cancellations were part of a security effort. “During a recent show, there was a security incident that caused our team to have to meet and re-think how meet and greets were handled,” the Bkstg team wrote this referring to an incident which occurred recently, where a fan that was on the security’s “watch list” got within 10 feet of Justin. “This is a new tour with new venues almost every night and still a changing process, but we have decided for the time being that this is our best course of action.”

While Beliebers were disappointed by the news, they showed their support for Justin tweeting with the #WeAreHereForYouJustin hashtag.  It’s good to see this support for Justin from his fans as this shows that Beliebers don’t expect Justin to be perfect, they just want him to be happy and healthy. Justin Bieber’s Purpose tour still has plenty of stops left on it and fans should expect a great performance  “I want to stay in the healthy mindset I’m in to give you the best show you have ever seen.” You can find tickets to the Purpose tour by clicking here. Most shows are already sold out and while I personally haven’t scored tickets yet, I am trying to get tickets for my kids, before they are completely gone as I really would love for them to experience Justin Bieber in concert.