Korea Legalizes Bitcoin South Africa Regulates BTC Trump Trade Impacts Latin America and DubaiCoin

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Hi to fellow subscribers and new viewers. It is now Saturday July 22st in the United States. My name is Nick and welcome to @Sobuka. I will try to give general, global news with respect to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. If you are new to this channel, the areas that my channel will focus on is Africa, Latin America, Middle East, and the South Asian Pacific.

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So starting with Latin America… This is a topic that keeps on coming up over and over again in the United States (US). So I will continue to talk about it here on this blog. Early this year, CT (Coin Telegraph) news tied Bitcoins surge across Latin America with the Trump Era. This should not be a surprise as the new US administration are still sounding the alarm towards renegotiating trade policies with Asia and Latin American countries. The July 19th article by Reuters titled “US, Canada, Mexico agree on fast-paced NAFTA talks” mentions how a trade agreement will be reached by the end of next year before Mexico’s 2018 presidential elections. But while all this is happening, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico are still seeing steady growth in Bitcoin trading across LocalBitcoins, a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange. And in Chile, Columbia, and Venezuela the Bitcoin volume has increased by several folds. The Steemit article that I posted about a week and a half ago, depicts the rise in Bitcoin volume. This data was derived by help from coin.dance.