This Mally Airbrush Nourishing EyeShadow trio color palette is so awesome and I love the 3 shades featured on this palette! The shades are a Vintage Taupe, Antiquing and Gorgois Grape. My personal favorite is Antiquing as you can apply it lightly during the day on your bottom lid and it give your eyes a nice little highlight. So, while you may not be bright in the morning, your eyes will have a nice get subtle shine to them. To transform this to an evening look, apply some more Antiquing to your eyelid area and add Vintage Taupe [darker copper shade| or Gorgois Grape [dark purple shade] to the crease area and blend with Antiquing and you’re ready for a night out on the town. I love the brush that Mally gives you with this kit as it really does give you a nice airbrush effect. I am starting to run out of Antiquing and its making me sad as I really do love this color and run to it when I know I want to look like a day or night time beauty, but after using this product know that I can count on other Mally eyeshadow palettes to come through in the future as well.

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Mally Airbrush Nourishing EyeShadow Trio Color Palette