I have a fear of eye liner that almost equates to my fear of eyebrow pencils, so when I looked at this eyeliner from Mally I expected the worst, but ended up having a great experience.  I always feel that when I apply eye liner, that I am never that precise. I used to always either over do the the cat eye and look like I was prepping for the upcoming halloween season or miss my mark completely and look like a hot mess at time reminiscent to when my 7 year old daughter finds my makeup and wants to experiment on me face. I always come out looking a hot mess when she is done with me, but always appreciate having that bonding time with her.

Within a couple of attempts I was able to get the whole eyeline process down and had two great looking wings on the corners of my eyes.  The great thing about this eye liner is that the design helps you get a good grip on the applicator and it also provides great coverage, where you don’t have to go back and fix the line as the liner made sure it flowed out evenly as you apply it.  It wasn’t until I used this eyeliner that I realized that the problem wasn’t me, but the crappy eyeliners that I had used in the past, since they didn’t provide great coverage as I would tend to have to always go back to fix the line and always ended up overdoing my eyes so many times in the past that I just gave up attempting. With Mally I don’t have this coverage problem any more and totally recommend it if you are considering it, you can find it online here.