saludmóvil the nation’s first bilingual and mobile medical, health and wellness destination has officially launched. Backed by the prestigious Harvard Health Publications, and curated by renowned Joseph Mosquera, MD, the mobile-centric website will offer original content in English and Spanish, featuring health news geared to educating and delivering relevant medical information to the nation’s Hispanic communities.

saludmóvil™, designed by Hispanics for Hispanics, aspires to improve the health of the Latino population by providing trustworthy health news accessible via smartphone, tablet, and desktop. On the saludmóvil™ app, videos can be downloaded and saved to a library on a mobile device to view at the user’s convenience or when the internet is not accessible. It provides quick access to content and tools for on-the-go users who want to remain informed.

“saludmóvil™ was born from the need of pertinent health information targeting the Hispanic demographic in America,” said Dr. Mosquera, founder of saludmóvil™, “which the health system and health news providers have neglected for far too long. This is partly due to the inability, or lack of effort, to offer online medical content and news in Spanish, targeting Hispanics. Our mission is to present them with easily accessible medical and wellness information using their handheld devices or personal computer. Hispanics want to be heard, and now they have the online medical support they so desperately need.”

saludmóvil™ features exclusive information on medical conditions, as well as unique advice on all areas of health and medicine, such as family medicine and natural remedies. There is also a focus on topics such as food and nutrition, healthy cooking, beauty, fitness, sexual health, and even news regarding healthcare for pets.

saludmóvil™ has partnered with Harvard University’s prestigious Harvard Medical School and will provide the most trustworthy and up-to-date health news by publishing complementary content from the school’s world-renowned Harvard Health Publications.