I came across Sammy Hair Foam in a Dark Drown shade at my mother’s house and while at first I was hesitant to take a chance using a new hair dye, especially a foam, I’m happy I did. Not only did Sammy Hair Foam blend all the different colors that my hair was currently in to same shade, but it did it all with just ONE bottle of foam. Anyone with hair length over their shoulders should already know, what an amazing feat that is. I personally have never been able to dye my hair with just 1 bottle of hair dye.

Another thing that is quite glorious about my new hair color, is that my 13 year old niece applied the foam to my hair, under my instructions of course. But, still, if a teenager is able to give me a professional look using this hair foam, then you know it’s not that tricky to apply.

All you have to do is mix in the liquid and dye powder and close the top of the bottle and shake it around for at least 15-30 seconds and then wait 5 minutes and start applying to your hair.  The foam was designed to be drip-free, so you get to keep the mess off of your body and clothes and you can apply it by just putting on some rubber gloves and using your hands. 


I will continue to dye my hair with Sammy Hair Foam and will update if I find a better at home hair dye in the future. However, this product delivers on ease of use, quality and consistency of color throughout the whole hair.

Below are some photos that were shot of me within one week of dying my hair:

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