Thank you Shea Moisture for providing the kids with another one of your great hair care collections. To style Jose Michael and Potato’s curly strands, I first washed and conditioned their hair with Shea Moisture’s Mango & Carrot Extra Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner for Kids. I then followed up with Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Detangler and Curling Butter Cream for Kids and finished detangling their hair and styling their curly locks.

Jose Michael’s curls are not as tight as Potato’s and he is currently growing out his hair the longest that he has ever had it to the point that he won’t even let me take him to get his hair trimmed.  He has been embracing his wild curls and doesn’t like a lot of product on his hair, so I didn’t apply as much of the Curling Butter Cream as I did to Potato and just let him rock what he likes to call his “hippy” hair.

Shea_Moisture_KidsMy kids love this collection as much as they love the Coconut & Hibiscus collection that Shea Moisture sent us previously.  They both look forward to smelling and trying out each and every product that they send over to us; as a mother with kids with curly hair that is a huge plus for me, since managing their locks and keeping their tangles under control is something that they have never looked forward to in the past. 

Below are some shots from a photoshoot of my daughter Potato and my son Jose Michael rocking their Shea Moisture Style.  While it was cold and snowing on and off that day, we still managed to get some good shots in; mind you I limited the shots to just a couple of minutes per outfit.  My kids were actually willing to stay out longer as they love to take photos, but I wanted to make sure that they didn’t get sick. I also feel that it’s good for them to have an understanding that while some photoshoots will be lengthy, other photoshoots will most likely be rushed and this means that they have to try to nail their shots quickly in order to have a great and productive day.  I am proud of the shots we took that day and have some more great shots that I am currently waiting to get back right now and will make sure to share once I get them. 

Potato YeisaPotatoPinkWPPotatoPink_WP MichaelPlaidWP Jose Michael Stripes 2 JoseMichael Stripes