Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks to the Argentine and Latin American Business Community

Buenos Aires




  • Marie Devine

    IMPORTANT: We are IN the third day. The message to REPENT has gone out for 25 years that I personally know of. I was in Israel-Palestine from September 1995 to November 1996 giving written scriptures to churches, mosques and military bases and government offices through written pages. There were two rare eclipses, both on holy days.I sat in Elijah's seat at Passover according to scripture and left the multiphase scriptures tacked to an outside bulletin board of a Synagogue, maybe around Ai or Bethel, (French speaking Jewish community.)Since maybe 2000 I have used the computer to travel the world with the everlasting gospel: everlasting, because it has always been: obey and be blessed according to LEVITICUS 26, rain in due season and fresh foods for healthy bodies, etc., or 4×7 curses for disobedience and rejection UNTIL we return; for the plan of redemption was made from the foundation of the world (J. C. details). Is this Revelation 14 angel-messenger flying through the world?All our ways are against the wisdom of our Creator, Yahuveh-God of Israel and the whole world as written in the Bible. He warned against seeking riches and honors, yet we educate separated from our families for many years to seek riches and honors.He warned against debt, interest and insurance, yet our whole world system is based on them. He warned about abortion and homosexuality, immodesty and immorality, yet we exalt them as "human rights."He warned against nations joining nations (like United Nations and NATO, etc. etc., etc.) and He destroys their efforts. "There is no peace saith the Lord, unto the wicked."We SEE the result of turning from our Creator's written wisdom and authority; we are near extinction with our ways. Our air, land, water, food and our spirits are polluted, making young and old diseased.Our Creator's solution to all conflicts is Proverbs 16:7:"When a man's ways please the Lord he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him." We are commanded to Fear Not, and to love our enemies; but we intimidate and impoverish them and threaten to bring our evil ways to their nations.We exalt "protests and marches" as the power for change, I instead of prayer and righteous living.WE NEED TO "TURN FROM OUR WICKED WAYS" then can Yahuveh-God of Israel give us "new heavens and a new earth" as promised when He "destroys the wicked" by the power of His word, "the two edged sword that proceeded out of His mouth." Revelation 19, the Word of God, faithful and true (for the blessings and the curses) can come as King of all kings and Lord of all lords, VICTORIOUS.EACH INDIVIDUAL must commit themselves to be children of God in truth, as written their holy books; there is only ONE GOD over all. Our Creator is the WILL of God, the WORD of God is His Only Begotten Son who came in Yahushua-Jesus, and the POWER of God, the UNITY of ONE GOD, NOT three persons, but three powers; HE is faithful, and WE are made in THAT image to become His children, begotten and created by His word.Please copy and paste, like and share this message because our loving Savior is trying to save us, but He cannot do it unless we ask Him to save us and transform us and our world, because the blood of Yahushua-Jesus was shed as "The only acceptable blood sacrifice" to wash away our sins; "for without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins.ACTS 3:18-21 says to restore all spoken by the prophets and God will send Yahushua-Jesus.

  • ben booger

    Look how easy it comes to Pence to speak and express himself. He really is a leader we need after President Trump. No one could fit that place better than my man Pence.

  • ctwatcher

    Was it a lie about making america great again? I'm not seeing it, I'm seeing other countries be put first again. Tear down the MLK Jr. statue tonight! All of it must be removed as it causes upset.

  • Radioactive Banana

    The Joint Terrorism Task Force is the Military and US law enforcement working together at a fusion center. IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL FOR THE MILITARY AND POLICE TO WORK TOGETHER! This can create a militarized police state – LIKE WE HAVE NOW! Because JTTF starts as a lie, an unconstitutional org, do you think they were formed to do good when they are formed under a lie and unconstitutional? They are criminals. Fusion center – WHERE ALL, AND I MEAN ALL, DATA IS COMING INTO ONE PLACE! Not to fight terrorism, but to target citizens against the NWO. They have hit teams! They are killing people who were working on the DNC lawsuit in Florida and all these people testifying against Hillary. They have killed 75 NASA scientists in the last 10 years. 100 Naturopath Doctors, inventors and so many more. Why? Because they were telling truths that were not apart of the NWO one world gov plan.

    If an org is unconstitutional from the git go, do you think they are working on good things or bad things? The military know the constitution. They know this is ILLEGAL. So do all the other orgs. JTTF is world wide. All the govs the CIA has overthrown were forced to have a JTTF. They are the main Nazi group controlling the US through data!


  • Kibby Tzlil

    Peace be unto you
    My beloved America The Great The Beautiful

    He will bless them that fear the Lord, both small and great
    The Lord shall increase you more and more, you and your children
    Ye are blessed of the Lord which made heaven and earth
    The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord's but the earth hath he given to the children of men
    The dead praise not the Lord, neither any that go down into silence
    But we will bless the Lord from this time forth and for evermore
    Praise the Lord

    The Lord will give strength unto his people
    The Lord will bless his people with peace
    The Lord that made heaven and earth bless thee out of Zion

    My beloved America The Great my beautiful and gentle Uncle Donald John Trump
    My beloved America The Great my beautiful and gentle Uncle Michael Richard Pence
    Argentina mi amada y bella mi dulce hermano de padre Señor Mauricio Macri

    God bless America The Great
    Dios bendiga a Argentina
    God bless Venezuela

    hugs and kiss with love yuli':)

  • That Dude

    For all you Viking warrior Alt right people who fight for your heritage and power, why you have not won is simple. You do not fight like true Vikings! If you want Odin's blessings you must perform the sacred ritual and sacrifice 10 of your numbers to Valhalla before every protest or raid. Of course you people are the stupid pussy versions of Vikings.

  • Rainier7777

    To follow up on Vice President Pence statement that the US is committed to Latin America, the US should appoint an Assistance Secretary of State for Latin American and the Caribbean.

  • LouAnn Law

    Love of freedom weaves us together…if we will let it. Thank you for representing us well, Mr. Vice President. I'm praying for you and Mrs. Pence as you travel and speak, until you come back home.

  • Johanna Hof

    I remember how reassuring it was when Donald John Trump chose Mike Pence as his running mate. I have such high respect for Vice President Pence and his wife. What a treasure they are to the United States of America and to me as an individual. Thank you Vice President Pence and Second Lady for representing our nation so well inside and outside of our nation. We thank God for you, and we ask God to guide you and keep you safe, and to continue to give you the wisdom required to lead our great nation.

  • Joe Marks

    Why should I be forced to pay for this nonsense? This is a form of economic abuse and I demand the resignation of Congress and POTUS immediately. You can't pay people enough to put up with incompetence of this magnitude. Negative Income Tax. Back to the show.

  • Ramiro Ramos

    I just wonder what about the American homeless ?Because they say all the time America first I agree but there are a lot of people in America that are suffering without home. Think about it.

  • EwE Whisperer

    Just watched the live infrastructure video and wanted to learn more. But guess what happened, the dumb msm only asked question unrelated to infrastructure. Ban the fake media we want REAL NEWS and questions matching topics!